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Winter Hardy Waterlilies: Helvola, Andreana, and Gloriosa

Winter Hardy Waterlilies: Helvola, Andreana, and Gloriosa

It has been some time since we took a look at some hybrid waterlilies. Today we are going to look at three more.

The first is N. Helvola. A wonderful dwarf variety. Dwarf waterlilies should not be planted too deep, they can do just fine from a few inches to close to two feet deep. The containers I could tell you can be smaller than the small, medium, and large lilies however remember that all hardy waterlilies have rhizomes and grow across the top of your container of soil so width is more important than depth.

Helvola is a yellow dwarf waterlily that can overwinter in most of the United States where the pond wont freeze to the depth of the root. Zones 4 and higher should be fine. If you have a small deicer for your fish they should survive in zone 3 as well. Helvola is an excellent bloomer with yellow blossoms on the waters surface sitting on top of the green lilypads. If fertilized well and kept in sun you should have many blooms every day of the summer until frost. See the video of a well planted and fertilized Helvola below. These three pond plants and over 70 more hardy waterlilies are available at Pond Megastore.

Andreana is a small burnt red to almost orange small waterlily. Slightly larger than dwarfs like helvola. Similar lighting and planting requirements. I should mention at dollar stores this spring I found small black trays for dish-washing which were of course shallow but wide and I thought, heck that’s twice the width of my pots and not as deep. Perfect since they were black though most any color would get discolored by algae film under water and would be covered by lilypads in a week or two. Also the trays have grips on the sides which make them easy to pull up or set down. Being so shallow the dirt wouldn’t make the trays heavy for any person of any age.

In the video below Andreana had begun to close a little as it was late afternoon and about 95 degrees in July so imagine them slightly more open. This plant is hardy and will survive well throughout the United States year after year. Fertilize until late summer and repot as needed when the growing container becomes overgrown to encourage more blooms.

Gloriosa is a nice compact to medium red waterlily with 3-5″ blooms. Developed back in 1896 it has been a proven winner for more than a century. Growing conditions are again similar, I would plant in at least a 2 gallon container or larger. If using fertilizer tablets add 3-5 per month for great blooms or a summer long granular fertilizer like Ken Landon fertilizer. Again this video was taken in late afternoon so they have begun to close for the day but this is a great example of how healthy happy waterlilies grow.

All hardy pond plants and waterlilies available at http://www.PondMegastore.com

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