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What we did this winter…

Though it looks like the blog has been away all winter we have been actively loading new content to the web since August 2011. Larry Nau, Tim Davis, Zac deGarmeaux and a few select other wonderful waterlily lovers have launched the first phase of a new waterlily organization. World Waterlily And Lotus Association (WWALA).

The first tool for the internet we are in the process of building is WaterlilyDatabase.com  a search-able online tool of waterlilies from around the world. Reaching out to international friends first like Primlarpwe have an extensive list in English now of most Thai waterlilies with photos and some with video. Séverine Lyssens-Danneboom is helping organize the German, Belgium, and other European waterlilies.

We also have many waterlilies from China and Belgium of all places. We do have plenty of other waterlilies from North America and Europe as well as species. 650 plants to start with and over 1400 photos. We also feature articles on hybridizers and gardens from around the world.

It is a true work of love as everyone is donating time to the project, over 30 contributors from around the world on 6 continents to date! This database search can also be added to empty webpages on your site!

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