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Waterlily Growing Area

Waterlily Growing Area

Nearly 80% of the waterlilies are now entering blooming size at our southern growing facility where most of our plants are shipped to homeowners and nurseries. Below are a few of the beds where the waterlilies are grown. We will post more in coming days but here are a few so that you can see the plants that you order from http://www.PondMegastore.com

Miami Rose:

"Buy Pond Plants" "Buy Water Lilies"“Miami Rose Growing Pool” waterlilies growing in the southern nursery. A full star shape with more than 50 petals when mature.

The foliage is uniquely mottled and is a vigorous bloomer. Miami Rose waterlily is truly one of the all time favorites and is very popular. For sale now at http://www.pondmegastore.com/

Clyde Ikins:

"Pond Plants", "Waterlilies"

Peony shaped peach blossoms are held well above beautifully slightly mottled to green leaves with age. One of the most prolific blooming hardy lilies.

Other hardy prolific bloomers include Texas Dawn, Colorado, Perrys Baby Red, Helvola, Mangkala Ubol, Moondance, Laydekeri Fugens, Laydekeri Lilacia, Bernice Ikins, Joanne Pring, and more.

Clyde Ikins is available as a full grown adult blooming plant at http://www.PondMegastore.com

Crystal: Crystal is a very heavily blooming white waterlily.

“Crystal” waterlilies growing in the southern nursery. Crystal is a great white… waterlily – an excellent bloomer and will fit in most any size water garden or pond.

This waterlily has the added benefit of being viviparous, plantlets form on the pads.

This waterliy is readily available now and should be into the summer months at
http://www.pondmegastore.com/ for delivery to homes or garden centers.

"Pond Plants", "Water Lily", "Pond Plant Store"
Head on photo of “Crystal” waterlily

seem more at http://www.PondMegastore.com 

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