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Video of my friend Mike Giles Purple Hardy Waterlilies

I know I have gone a month without a post and that is not common for me as it is some other blogs. I promise the amount of documented content I have gathered on trips this year will be worth it. I spent the past few days with my friend Mike Giles and many, many of his blue and purple hardy waterlilies. I have video of many of the purple lilies and some photos Mike shared with me of the blue hardy lilies. Soon we will also be posting video of about an hour long documentary of Mikes rise in the water garden industry the past 7 years or so. So many great hardy hybrids are now being followed with so many great purple and blue hardy x tropical crosses.

Here is just a peek at what Mike will be bringing to market in the next 2-3 years. Also our friends in Florida have followed in the footsteps of Pairat Songpanich and Mike Giles with more urple hardy waterlilies. Both the blue and purple hardy lilies have been slow too reproduce so they will probably become available 1 or 2 years more slowly than a normal hardy lily. Many of the pink and red lilies multiply faster and could be available sooner.

Mike also has some lilies with blooms nearly the size of a gallon container and in cool weather stay open 6 to 12 days.

More information coming here soon and more waterlilies coming to Pond Megastore.

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