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TUBER Video, Tim Davis Explains -Tropicals, Hardies, Dividing, and a lot more

TUBER Video, Tim Davis Explains -Tropicals, Hardies, Dividing, and a lot more

Tim Davis recently tested a new video camera we hope we will be sharing all sorts of information with you over the coming years. Since there are few water lilies to look at in April in Ohio we sent the camera to Tim in Houston Texas where he got some clips of the 2010 Nelson’s spring kickoff party. The Pre-Season ponds at San Angelo and a whole bunch of interesting pond snippets mostly for testing purposes. I promise Tim, Myself, Ken Landon, Warner and a whole bunch of special pond folk and friends will make some contributions this year and hopefully add a little social content here over the summer. I do hope to see some of you in San Angelo, if you want to join us for the symposium or lilyfest this year please post a comment and we will get you in contact with the sign up forms.

The video is great in 720 High Definition.

This video is for use by Tim Davis, Water-Garden-Blog, IWGS, and International Waterlily Collection of San Angelo. Sharing unedited on Facebook or Twitter is OK.

Tim Davis is a hobbyist water gardener and waterlily hybridizer. When he can, he volunteers to help Ken Landon at the International Waterlily Collection (IWC) in San Angelo, Texas. One of his first hybrids is named Debbie Ann after his wife. In his free time he enjoys gathering data on waterlilies and hybridizers, running the IWC San Angelo website and is also webmaster for the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society as well as the current Journal Editor.  He has a website (here) where he will sell some of his plants online in the summer and is a strong advocate of Ken Landon Fertilizer and Pond Tabs Fertilizer. In the future you will see Tim gets 5-10 blooms (sometimes more) per day off of single plants in relatively small containers.

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