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Cold Nymphaea? Overwintering Tropical Waterlilies

Cold Nymphaea? Overwintering Tropical Waterlilies

There are multiple methods used to overwinter Tropical Waterlilies. A few varieties seem to be able to grow indoors with some sunshine and care. A heated greenhouse works very well but few people have access to these.  Learn how to locate and store tubers, keep some tropicals in well lit fish tanks and more in the cool articles below (pun totally intended).

Charles Leach wrote a nice piece for Water Gardner’s International using and testing mini thermoheater. You have to be a member of WGI to view the article however its free to sign up! See here.

Another article from the sister site Victoria-Adventurer looks at storing the tubers safely over the winter. See Here.

A third article also from the Victoria Adventurer, by Bob Meyer, looks at overwintering specifically in plant zones 5-6. See here.

A fourth detailed article by Rich Sacher of American Aquatic Gardens, (found also on Victoria Adventurer) talks about overwintering tropicals in the south. See here.

Hardy Lilies should be left where they are in the pond or water garden and will send up new shoots as the waters warm in the spring.



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