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The Journal Lives

The Journal Lives

      Tim Davis has continued some great work on the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society website this week. This is a great time to become a member as more information and services are available than anytime before as far as the web goes.  Larry Nau (Executive Director of the IWGS) and Tim Davis (Website Administrator for the IWGS, International Waterlily Collection, and current Journal Editor) have been working to bring old Journals of the past 25 years online. People like myself who were much to young to be involved in the 1980s and 1990s can now visit the covers and tables of contents of each issue. Work is now beginning on scanning articles of authors who they can get permission to reprint. The list of Participants to the Journal over the past 25 years is too great for myself to know at this time but includes hundreds of people from all over the world.  The IWGS is heading in the direction of making much more information available to members and the website will become a much more social entity over the next year. Recently an ‘Aquatic Resource Directory’, has been added to the non-members area so that the society can grow a larger database of those involved in the water garden industry. More landscapers and supplier will now have the opportunity to be visited by the 1500 people per month who visit the IWGS. The Facebook page is also beginning to expand. For more information follow the updates in the Members Area of the Society and soon more social venues in both the members and non-member areas. To join as an individual the membership is only $38 per year and provides a great amount of information to participants and a great symposia you are welcome join.

The Journal and Society have altered titles a few times over the years. The Journal has much more information than is even available on the web (at this time, until the articles go online) so joining and reading the articles on all sorts of aquatic plant and water garden information is worth the annual cost. Each continent you will find a great difference in plants, styles, people, methods, and more and the Journal has a great way of collecting all of the international happenings. A very worldly publication.

From IWGS.org:   From Seed to Blossom: A History of the International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society

When people become serious about a subject, they acquire a never-ending thirst for additional information while looking for others to discuss common interests. Dedicated waterlily folks are no different. Back in 1982 there were few people in the profession and even fewer avenues for sharing mutual concerns. Something as simple as determining a waterlily’s correct name was extremely difficult since there weren’t standard descriptions or accurate live examples for comparison. News of recent hybrids and introductions was almost non-existent. Even the most basic water gardening information was scarce in print. There were no waterlily or water gardening groups at any level – hobbyist, academic, or professional.

In 1982 Charles Thomas planted a seed among other waterlily enthusiasts for creating a society. He fertilized it relentlessly. Luckily two events heightened interest for forming the organization. In 1983 the first local water gardening group formed in Colorado (Colorado Water Garden Society) and the following year one of the few water gardening writers visited the US from Ireland. Thomas capitalized upon the occasion, inviting him to visit and to help launch the new Water Lily Society. Hundreds from the US and many from Europe attended a well-planned affair where the organization was officially announced on September 22, 1984. …” 

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