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Old news is new again?

Old news is new again?


Tim Davis, who runs the International Waterlily Collection website and the IWGS.org site has added some great new additions for 2010 for the IWGS site. A step by step revamp of the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society is underway. Executive Director Larry Nau and fellow IWGS members are looking into getting permission from authors of the early IWGS Journals to issue the articles once again but this time for the IWGS website. They may need some help as to some of the early Journals and for what is not stored into the computers the process of retyping stories and articles will take some time. Images if permission is granted can also be scanned and stored. Larry is working on sending the table of contents to Tim right now and if you have some of the earlier Journals stay up to date as it is possible they may need your help.

As discussed in an online chat last night many articles are still of great use today. 

As of Tuesday a new Aquatic Resources Directory was launched where more than just aquatic plant companies can be found. It is the hope of the IWGS that this can become a great resource for the 1500 unique water garden visitors each month to the website to become business traffic. Categories include Aquatic Plants, Koi & Pond Fish, Online E-tailers, Retail Stores, Manufacturers, Pond Supplies, and Lake and Pond Management. New ideas and listings are welcome. IWGS members depending on what level member you are may be entitled to free listings and non-iwgs members can partake in the directory as well.

On a lighter note, Paula Biles, notified the IWGS of some sad news last week, Fred McCorkle has passed away. Fred was an IWGS Journal editor during Paula’s tenure as Executive Director and also worked with her on local activities in Florida. To read more about Fred please follow the IWGS link here.

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