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New Waterlily & Water Garden Plants 2014 (part 1)

Sorry to say that this blog has suffered as many others due to lack of updates. That aside lets talk about the new wonderful plants we experienced in 2014. This summer we had the new / old pennywort ‘Crystal Ball’. An amazing performer that holds variegation in low nutrition water. In high nutrition you get almost all green leaves. That is a nice way to measure if your pond is dirty and may need removal of excess nutrients.

Variegated pennywort ‘Crystal Ball’ is a medium height around 6″ here in Ohio and spread rapidly around the edge of the pond and along planters covering the edges of pots with tall plants in them.

Next was Variegated Hardy Rush, by far my favorite hardy rush. Yes I have a new favorite annual as well. This medium growing yellow and green rush is striking along the sides of a pond.

Variegated Water Lettuce, yes the theme of 2014 may be year of the Variegated favorites. This plant is very hard to hold its variegation. Again in high nutrient water it will go all green. If you overfeed fish or overstock a pond, just forget it. The growth will be fine but the plant will not show the white/yellow edges. It will be all green.

Nymphaea ‘Siam Marble’ … this new hardy waterlily from Pairait Songpanich was the first of his I have grown and not fallen in love with. The edges of the flower continually look rugged and damaged. I will give it another year to stabilize perhaps.

Nymphaea ‘Manee Red’ another hardy waterlily from Pairat Songpanich, a beautiful deep red. Should be on the market in 2016 in the USA.

Nymphaea ‘Greggs Orange Beauty’, this old nearly forgeotten gem needs to be reintroduced to the market in the USA. Green to Purple spotted pads and orange sunset flowers on this wonderful hardy waterlily.

More in the coming post.

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