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New Salmon Lobelia & Landon Fertilizer

New Salmon Lobelia & Landon Fertilizer

Salmon Lobelia: New Pink Lobelia that blooms from June until just before frost. Hardy to Zone 4. The plant has been given plenty of room to grow but have only reached about 14″ tall. Slightly shorter than the cardinal lobelia but should be comparable perhaps as it gets older.

The second part of the video talks about Ken Landon’s fertilizer which is a wonderful binary fertilizer for waterlilies. Popular in Europe and especially parts of Asia where waterlilies are as  popular as any flower. In America we have become accustom to the tablets which are 50% (sometimes more) clay. A big waste of money. The binary composition of Landon’s fertilizer provides ample food for 2-3 months  at a time and the plants soak it up. Use 1/2 dose or less on baby plants so you don’t burn them up.  

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