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Lotus Root Salad

On my aquatic adventures this year I was able to eat lotus in 3 spots. With my friend Laura in Alabama who introduced me to lotus seeds. Yummy! In Sarasota with my friend Paula Biles at the first Lotus festival I tried Lotus Salad. A pickled lotus in rice vinegar, sweetened. Finally, I went Kayaking through Lotus (Native Lutea) at Mt. Harmon at their lotus festival with my friends Kelly Billing and Matt Billing. Here we had some really fresh lotus seed. If you pick them before they dry they are like peas or beans.

Kayaking through the native Nelumbo Lutea was incredible and by far the coolest experience of our 2011 adventures. More on that in an upcoming post. Here is a video of Mr. Mel Yoshimura who brought his pickled lotus root, or lotus root salad to the Sarasota Lotus Festival in July.


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