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Lotus ‘Apricot Pink’

Lotus ‘Apricot Pink’

Bill Bancroft briefly introduces us to one of the newly imported Chinese Lotus “Apricot Pink”. Beginning as a pink flower upon opening it fades in the sunlight more to a cream or white lotus by the time each bloom is nearly finished.

Apricot Pink is a wonderful bloomer and can bloom from 6 weeks after planting until frost. Lotus are easy to overwinter in most of the united states. Leave them where they grow shallowly in the pond and only trim foliage back to just above the waterline. The stems are hollow and the tuber (roots) like to be able to breath. In spring before its warm enough to start foliage you can harvest the new tubers and replant them or let them grow a few seasons without replanting.

Lotus should have a wide shallow container with some good substrate. Fertilize only after there is an arial leaf and repeat until August.

Apricot pink can be purchased seasonally online and shipped almost anywhere in the USA from Feb-June or July.
See Lotus at PondMegastore.com

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