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Extinct Waterlily Species N. capensis var Zanzibariensis

Extinct Waterlily Species N. capensis var Zanzibariensis

Still alive in choice collections such as the International Waterlily Collection and a few growers for crossing hybrids. This African native waterlily species is extinct in nature.

Species waterlilies are important as you cannot develop strong hybrids the further away from the species material that you have. You begin getting mutations and poor plant qualities. The IWC San Angelo as we always write about is home to the largest repository of species material in the world. Ken Landon has saved multiple species from extinction over the last few decades helping to release varieties back into the wild such as N. flavovirens in Mexico one of his personal favorites to use in crossing new hybrids.

Enjoy one of the few peeks of N. capensis var Zanzibariensis

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