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Dwarf and Small Water Lilies

Small Pond and Container Gardens

     An easy and inexpensive way to spice up a corner of your yard, patio or porch is to add a small water feature.  There are options for every homeowner to add another dimension to your Spring and Summer flower garden.  Just add a container garden.

     Small ponds and container gardens are some of the loveliest (and easiest) water features to grow and maintain.  Any container, whether it be an old wash tub or half a whiskey barrel,  will make an excellent container garden.  Make sure you can add a liner to keep the water contained.  Add water and check for leaks.  Once you are certain that your container is leak-proof, you are ready to choose some plants.  Lets start with the dwarf to small water lilies.   These plants are hardy but small, making them the perfect plants to use in your small water feature.

     Some of the varieties of small to dwarf water lilies are: 


Perry’s Baby Red-a wine red flower that’s sure to please, free flowering 3-3.5″ cup shaped flowers with slight fragrance.heart shaped green leaves, newest leaves purple.



Ellisiana-a lovely brilliant red, with rich golden centers, flowers are 4-5″, with a strong fragrance. Simply supurb!


Helvola-small  2-3″ cup-like,yellow flowers, bright and cheerful, very free flowering, slight fragrance


Joanne Pring-small, dainty, 3-4″  pink flowers, golden to orange centers, cuplike flowers with slight fragrance


Tetragonna-(dwarf) smallest of all water lilies, very pretty  miniature white blooms with yellow centers, small cup-like 1-2″ flowers.  Slight fragrance.


Mexicana pygmy-small lovely deep yellow  3-4″ cuplike flowers.   Leaves are green to olive.  Very sweet fragrance


Laydekeri Fulgens-small but beautiful burgandy-red, free flowering blooms, deep orange-red centers, flowers are 5″ with slight fragrance.


Laydekeri Lilacia-very free flowering  lilac-pink blooms with deep yellow centers, flowers are 2.5-3.5″ and cup-like with slight fragrance.

Burgandy Princess-intense, rich vibrant red with golden-yellow stamens.  2-4″ cuplike flowers, slight fragrance.

Berit Strawn-free flowering , deep peach with bright yellow centers, 3-4″ flowers with a pleasing fragrance.

Aurora-small, changeable lily, yellow-apricot to orange-red, 4-5″ flowers with slight fragrance


Little Sue-small, pretty peach blooms  

     Your dwarf to small water lilies will have to be potted.  A one gallon container  or (squat pot )should do the trick.  Use backyard soil (clay soil is fine) or topsoil.  Do not use potting soil or kitty litter as these are not the appropriate medium for water lilies!

     Once you have chosen a small water lily or two for your small water feature, you might like to add some other small plants to add interest.  Some small plants you can add are parrots feather, water lettuce, mosiac plant, snowflakes,  or dwarf papyrus.  There are many other plants you can add,  just use your imagination!

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  1. hkki says:

    beautiful flowers

  2. AJ in AZ says:

    I have dwarf water lilies in my small 60 gallon pond but they are not blooming at all this year. Lots of leaves but no flowers.

    • admin says:

      Do they need separated? Over time hardy lilies produce new plants on the rhizome like suckers on a tomato plant. You will notice the leaves are smaller than before and fewer of them. The new plants can be removed with a knife. Also make sure the plants are in soil, some sunshine, and fertilized.


  3. MARY W says:

    We have the Laydekeri and helvola in our above ground pool. They are great with dwarf parrot feathers and some small goldfish.

  4. admin says:

    Lotus are for the most part Hardy plants, very few are tropical especially in the trade. Waterlilies can remain dormant indoors but do need light and nutrition to bloom.


  1. water lotus says:

    […] I have some water lily and had a 4-5 flowers at one time in outside bathtub on full sun. Now is indoor, just a fraction of rhizome and already have a few submerged leaves in aquarium without artifical light, only sun from southern window. So, lily doesnt need hig temp/sun to grow. I have also some lotus and since its tropical plant now is in state of hibernation. I dont know how would behave in heated aquarium. Water lily first have submerged leaves and occaisonaly relases floating leaf just to check where is the surface. If the leaf hits the surface, plant stops producing submerged leaves and goes all out for floating leaves. There are dwarf lily varieties, for example

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