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Chinese Lotus: Glowing Clouds in Evening & Golden Horse with Jade Belt…

Chinese Lotus: Glowing Clouds in Evening & Golden Horse with Jade Belt…

Two more small (tea cup) or exquisite of bowl lotus have been added to the Pond Megastore 2011 Chinese Lotus Collection. Both being small  you want these in a small container with only about 4 inches of water over the root system. These make wonderful patio gardens and even tabletop gardens.

The reason they are called Tea Cup lotus is that some varieties are small enough to do well in a container the size of a cup. Don’t Believe me? See N. Nopchai Chansilpa’s photo, Mangkala-patum, a bowl lotus growing in coffee cup!

Mangala-patum,a bowl lotus growing in a coffee cup!

Mangkala-Patum is not yet available in the United States, however two new selections from China are available. Glowing Clouds in Evening, a Small Tea-Cup lotus with often multiple blooms, Laura describes this as of the most beautiful pink lotus, ‘Glowing Clouds in Evening’ has a perfect cup-shaped blooms. The color is a brilliantly clear pink on the first day flower. Do not plant under more than about 4″ of water as this is a small lotus. ‘Ye Xia’ Chinese lotus.Glowing Clouds is pictured below with Golden Horse with Jade Belt on the right side with many flowers. Golden Horse with Jade belt, yet another Chinese import, look for multiple blossoms on this small tea-cup lotus throughout the summer.  This white flower can have either bright green petaloids or a green receptacle in a large double flower on a small plant. The newly opened bud has a greenish tint to the petals. ‘Yutang Jin Ma’ Chinese lotus import. Likes shallow water no more than about 4 inches over the roots. Does well in bowls or pots. Fertilize only after standing leaves. These lotus and many dozen more can be found at http://www.PondMegastore.com from February-July or until supply has run out. Glowing Clouds… (Left), Golden Horse… (right)

Pond Plants

Glowing Clouds... (Left), Golden Horse... (right)

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