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Bimini Twist, new waterlily. Is there a catch?

Bimini Twist is a new waterlily, purple with hundreds of petals and a nicely mottled leaf from Florida Aquatic. I would love to say it is a near perfect purple which in looks it is, but there is a flaw. Bimini Twist has a short bloom time forĀ  a tropical / annual waterlily. Acting more like a stubborn day bloomer the flowers may not open until 11AM or even noon in partial shade and they close up between 5 and 6 pm. A bit of a tragedy for someone who wont be home during those hours. For a longer bloom time in the purple category consider Ultra Violet, Tanzanite, Director Moore, or Foxfire. Bimini Twist is much less likely to burn that the common King of Siam which is a benefit to its outstanding flower and pad.
All of the Waterlilies mentioned can be purchased at www.PondMegastore.com online and mailed as full grown plants to homes or garden centers.
Bimini Twist 1b
Bimini Twist at Pond Megastore Waterlilies Online

Ultra Violet Water Lily Buy
Ultra Violet Waterlily at www.PondMegastore.com

Foxfire Waterlily
Foxfire Waterlily at Pond Megastore Pond Plants Online


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