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Aquatic Lingo “true aquatic”

Aquatic Lingo “true aquatic”

A question yesterday from Cathy of Houston Texas as to what a true aquatic was. As stated by the IWGS, “True aquatics grow either underwater – submersed, or partly underwater – emersed.” This would make of course waterlilies true aquatics, and you may think of submerged oxygenators as true aquatics, but not all (even some sold as aquarium plants are not true aquatics). Many submerged plants are grown above the water and cut or cultivated before adding below the surface. The 2008 trip to Florida Aquatic Nurseries showed several species growing totally out of the water. Some of these grow normally right at the surface and easily below (probably because plants growing just at or below the waters surface deal with high and low levels of water. Anacharis, Hornwort, Cabomba are all submersed plants. Red star ludwigia, Lemon Bacopa, Moneywort, Rotala, and many varieties found submerged in fish tanks are easily grown at or above the waters surface. It is also much easier to propagate these plants in this condition.


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