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Activated Carbon for filtration?

Activated carbon or activated charcoal called by some has been used for many years in pond filtration. Known mostly for its properties as an agent that can grab almost any chemical and contain it it makes a great water cleaner. I recently learned about just how good a bacterial agent it may be as well. According to reports just 1/2 ounce has the same surface area as the Melbourne Cricket Ground (one of the 10 largest soccer stadiums in the world).

                             To use in a water garden simply fill a cheese cloth sack or some stalkings with a couple pounds of activated carbon or charcoal, tie it, rinse very well or your pond will turn black in seconds. Once you rinse until clear place in a skimmer, filter, or where the water is moving and your pond will be rid of toxins very quickly. Remove before treating with a chemical or fish medicine as the carbon will absorb it in its entirety. Change the charcoal every 6 -12 months, you can rinse a few times during the year with clean pond water or well water.

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