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About Water-Garden-Blog 2011

Through 2010 we brought some great stories from across the world. We have some great friends from Paula Biles, Warnern Obando, Laura and Bill Bancroft, Kelly Billing, Ken Landon, Tim Davis, Brandon McLane, N. Nopchai Chansilpa, Primlarp and the Dr. Sam., Tamara Kilbane, Patrick Nutt, and more!

In 2011 I hope to revisit with most all these folks on some new adventures, learn more, discover what plants they are having fun with or hybridizing, and enjoy more trips across America.

      We would love to cover the topics you want to learn about. If you have traveled to this blog, please note we have all kinds of industry leaders, explorers, adventuresome hobbyists, and novices providing information not a single source.

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       My Name is Zac deGarmeaux,  I am a lifelong water gardener and I work in the water garden industry.  If you really want to know about me I will include that after the blog “about” section. We  find,  test,  and research ways to grow the best aquatic pond plants and waterlilies and we provide these plants and the growing methods to Nurseries, Garden Centers, and home owners. There is plenty of information already available on the web from the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society, growers pages, Auburn Lotus Project, Water Gardner’s International and hundreds more including a fast number of international sites and researchers.  

       I have found that the industry, led for many by landscapers, is largely lacking good resources central locations of information, there are too few places on the Internet providing quality resources on the correct way to plant, care for and treat water gardens and the aquatic species in the water garden. For a number of QUALITY resources outside our page simply look to the right hand side of any page on this blog and note our Blog Roll.

        Here, I want to invite gardeners, enthusiasts, industry experts, and garden clubs to include their voices in the proper water gardening techniques. The industry has exploded over the last 20 years and we have been flooded with  information, much of it confusing.  Water gardening and proper techniques have been well documented going back to the late 1800s.

        I find most new gardeners confused, and new nurseries  who are getting into  water gardening, are confused as well.  Gardening is not supposed to be a hobby filled with products, testing the water weekly, chemicals and a costly endeavors. You can and should spend less time messing with a water garden than a vegetable garden.  Removing a few spent leaves, flowers, and occasional fertilizing is all you should be doing. If you have constant algae blooms, lackluster plants, test your water all the time, think you spend too much money on chemicals, you have stumbled upon one of a few great sources to figure out what may be going wrong and how to prevent these hassles.

       There is also a lack of knowledge of exactly how many aquatic species/hybrid varieties are available.  Weeds and tubers are sold at big box stores in small containers –but the true water gardening experience encompasses hundreds of species and new hybrids are developed each year. We will go over each  variety, one at a time, and find out how easy this pastime can be.  No more cleaning ponds or chemicals for your water garden, it’s simple. It’s really simple. Lets take a look…

POND PLANTS and WATERLILIES can be purchased retail or wholesale at Pond Megastore

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