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A Lotus worth $5.5 Billion

A Lotus worth $5.5 Billion

Paula Biles has updated us with some more cultural influences from the Lotus and both remarkable by the way.

First unlike anything seen today in the United States, Singapore has finished a world arts center & museum designed in the shape of a giant lotus flower. Sitting along the water front just as a true lotus would the center will hold 21 galleries on exhibit. (image 1 and 2) Part of the Marian Bay Sands which is a hotel and casino in Singapore. The Art-Science Museum resort cost 5.5 Billion US dollars and includes and incredible sky park.

The opening will be in February. A google search Paula pointed out shows some remarkable images of this very large new property and is one of the most impressive structures I have ever seen.

A central waterfall in the building will be fed by rain caught in the huge bowl that is formed by the roof.

The second is a Lotus Tower in Sri Lanka, India. At a cost of $103 million dollars a communications company will be building this tower beginning in about a month and broadcast media from this new building.

(Photo 3) This structure will be 350 meters tall and the top will house casinos and nightclubs.

The tower is expected to be the 5th largest in the world and a ride to the top will only take about 30 seconds.

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