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2010 Aquatic Plants!

What I mean to say is I want to know over the next 6 weeks or so what additional species you would like to see from our nurseries. We offer more aquatic species than any other retail supplier in the world thanks to our superior Florida growers who are constantly creating new impressive species but they also can grow common or native species. In 2008 we brought out the striped dazzler bog lily and hope to get more in production. This year Brad and Brandon gave us the Giant Star Grass, Orange Sedge, and Taro Plumbae which I am enjoying growing for the first time.

They also introduced the orange snowflake which is much larger than I had imagined. In fact when they shipped some to a friend of mine my first thought was surley I did not request this many lilies. Then I saw the orange buds and realized, oh my this is the orange snowflake! Much larger than the small white and yellow varieties.

This season with their help we added Lemon Bacopa, Rotala, Moneywort, dwarf sagitaria, jungle vallisineria, and my favorite Red Star Ludwigia. Why my favorite? I planted this in Greg and Marcia’s pond in mid May and as a bog plant not a submerged plant. Some creeping jenny is in the bog with it that came back from last year and the two look amazing next to one another. They have variegated society garlic (society flowers) standing above them and the contrast is amazing.

Along with and abundance of new lilies, tropicals are my favorite. Jack Wood, Purple Zanzibar, and others like Southern Charm were instant hits. The tropical night blooming lilies Jennifer Rebecca and Texas Shell Pink have sold to untold numbers of people.

I want to hear from you. I need to know by mid July what plants you want to see. Send your questions to pondmegastore@yahoo.com.   Thank you – Zac

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